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An affordable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to the loading procedures commonly used in the industry

If our Standard or Retro Model Secure-Flow™ spill control units do not meet your specifications, we can manufacture a custom secondary spill containment unit.

Custom model Secure-Flow™ Spill Control Units can be customized to meet any physical size requirements, plumbing configurations, piping sizes, openings, etc.

Some of the customizable options include:

  • Box material construction (Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel)

  • Box coatings (Powder-coat, Devoe coatings, other specified coatings)

  • Plumbing Materials (A106B, A333, 316SS)

  • Box overall design (Work with end-user to meet requirements)

  • Pipe Configuration (number of lines, size(s), the distance between them, or any combinations of sizes, etc.)

  • Flanged or threaded connections or combinations of both

  • Insulated or uninsulated

  • Ports for glycol lines or heat tracing

  • Hydro-testing of plumbing systems

  • MTR’s on all plumbing components and box materials

  • 100% of welded flange connections are x-ray inspected

Please speak to our Secure-Flow™ Product Specialist for more information.

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